Vote YES on Measure H to help end homelessness in L.A. County

The growing homeless crisis is disrupting nearly every community in the county — compromising public health and safety and hurting local businesses. The longer we wait, the more expensive it will be to help the 47,000+ homeless population, including many women and children. We need to act now to help them get off the streets and into housing with services.

The Board of Supervisors, including Democrats and Republicans, unanimously voted to place Measure H on the ballot and declared a State of Emergency, with the support of a broad coalition of health and mental health service providers, business leaders, paramedics, firefighters, religious and neighborhood leaders because it will provide essential treatment and services to get the homeless off the street. They don’t just need housing – they need health/mental health treatment, job training and counseling. Measure H would accomplish just that.

In just the first five years, the proceeds of Measure H would enable 45,000 families/individuals to exit homelessness into permanent housing and help an additional 30,000 families/individuals avoid homelessness.

— Over 4,000 local children are homeless, and they are sick four times more often and four times more likely to show delayed development. Measure H will work to ensure all children are protected.

— It is our duty to help the veterans who have sacrificed for us by assisting them in dealing with the effects of combat trauma and drug addiction, finding jobs, and making sure they have homes. Measure H will help stabilize the homeless veterans population.

— One in three of the homeless in L.A. County are women who are especially vulnerable to rape and assault. Measure H will help women get off the street.

Please do your part to help end homelessness throughout L.A. County and Vote YES on Measure H.